Final Grade-Shaving Soap – Citrus Wood


Shaving soap for guys who like to be clean shaven. With bentonite clay for smooth razor glide, and shea butter for a great lather.

Citrus Wood – bergamot and sandalwood.

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An all natural shaving soap that will let the razor glide over the face for a smooth shave. The experience of shaving is sometimes lost to our busy lives. We created a shaving soap that will bring back some of the manliness that should come with shaving. Get the shaving brush nice and hot with steamy hot water. Once it’s hot enough, shake out the brush a couple times to get the excess off. Load the tips of the brush with the soap. Use a shaving mug or a small bowl to build lather, adding drops of water to achieve desired lather consistency. Apply thickened lather to face. Shave with the razor of your choice! Citrus Wood scent is light and fresh, but still very masculine, with a sandal wood base and notes of bergamot.