Non-Bearded Gift Box


A gift box for the clean-shaven man. Set includes:
-1 Oil cleansing method face wash
-1 Final Grade Shaving Soap (your choice)
-1 Charcoal Teeth Whitener
Put your best face forward!

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Clean faces need to be cared for just like any other type of face. This gift box has an oil cleansing method face wash (with Tea Tree Oil) which will clean deep into pores and dissolve all the dirt away. Your choice of Final Grade shaving soap scents for when he wants to clean his scruff and show you his true colours. While we are here, let’s get those pearly whites pearly and white again, so that your man’s face can beam out that masculinity in full force!


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Final Grade - Shaving Soap

Connoisseur, Citrus Wood