Beard Oil – Euca-Mint


Beard oil is the staple product that all beard growers need in their reach for beards that are soft, healthy, nourished and lightly shined!

Euca-Mint: Eucalyptus and Spearmint



Beard oil is formulated to keep the whiskers healthy, soft, a little shined and keeps the skin underneath free of flakes or “beardruff”. Argan oil is a proven hair softener that makes the hair feel silkier, and gives the whiskers a light shine. The ultimate treatment for our individual beard growth. Now that we have a great facial statement, the skin underneath can get dry, this is where beard oils achieve their second benefit; no more dry and flaky skin. Daily use of a beard oil will help to prevent and reduce the “beardruff”. Jojoba oil is added as a hair strengthener and conditioner. This will actually help to promote healthy hair growth and does a fantastic job of conditioning the hair to keep it healthy. Lastly, the sweet almond oil is added to help to match the natural oils that coat the hair. The glands in  our face that produce hair have an oily substance that forms a natural protective coating on each strand of hair. Sometimes our beards are exposed and can be stripped of these oils. Our blend of  oils  is all you need to help keep your beard healthy, nourished and shiny in even some of the harshest environments. Euca-Mint has a very energetic and refreshing scent with eucalyptus and spearmint.